Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Last Samurai' Writer Helen DeWitt Found

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Last Samurai' Writer Helen DeWitt Found

This is very good news. It is the most lovable and brilliant novel, I wish everybody would read it. It is also a novel that made it easy to believe its author had killed herself--it is thoughtfully but fairly compulsively obsessed with suicide (as well as with being a child prodigy/riding the Circle Line/watching a film over and over again/learning many languages/generally caring more about books and ideas because it is so painful to care about people instead). Go and see for yourself, I can't do justice to its charms.


  1. thanks for sharing the good news about helen dewitt. fabulous blog you've got here--just bristling with intelligence and insight. your books sound interesting, as well.

  2. Kafkaesque experience. NF cop says: If you don't come voluntarily I have to take you in, but it's better if you come voluntarily. Night nurse at NF psychiatric ward says: We can admit you voluntarily or involuntarily, but it's better if you are admitted voluntarily. I don't have all night. I'll be back in 5 minutes. If this form isn't signed I'll admit you involuntarily.

    I signed. 'Under observation' = something like torture lite. You're deprived of sleep. One person after another asks the same questions. It's important to be upbeat, sincere, spontaneous, thoughtful - sort of like a book tour, except they're doing their damnedest to keep you away from the press. No minibar. Now I'm in Berlin. Trying to finish 3 books. Still dealing with too many bad people.

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