Thursday, May 12, 2005

At this time of the school year

(it's strange, it's not really that I'm working harder than I always do, just that I'm worn out from accumulated academic-year stress) I find that almost all of my light reading is RE-reading; if I had an infinite supply of perfect books, I expect I'd read new stuff, but as it is I fall back on old favorites like Dorothy Dunnett's DOLLY & THE NANNY BIRD. Since I was a kid I have always liked this Dunnett series of mysteries; have never read the historical ones, though, despite several friends' obsessive fandom. Might track them down and see what I think now; in general, I'm not in favor of grand-scale historical novels, though as a teenager I had a soft spot for Anya Seton's Green Darkness and Katherine. Actually, what am I saying? I love historical novels (these ones are exceptional, I am glad to see they are still selling really well on Amazon--in fact, the second seems to be at Amazon Books #768, which is rather extraordinary given that it was first published in 1954)! I even did an orals topic on historical novels when I was in grad school--I think the authors were Robert Graves, Anthony Burgess, John Fowles, Gore Vidal and Norman Mailer, but I may be misremembering). Hmmm....

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