Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A culinary digression

I was captivated by the name when I saw the tin at the supermarket the other day, and I just had it for lunch - cullen skink! I am not sure I have ever had it before, but my Scottish grandfather used to make Finnan haddie for breakfast, and it was delicious (I think it was just the fish poached in milk, perhaps with a small knob of butter and some pepper, maybe potatoes as well?) - this perhaps not quite as good, but only in the way that something out of the tin is not as good as homemade...


  1. OK...As someone of Scottish heritage I think I can say that referring to a Scottish dish as "delicious" officially lowers the status of one's culinary opinions.

    I grew up on Scottish "cuisine". It didna hurt me nun.

    Grats on the hutzpa for trying a canned version. Wow.

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  3. Love the Boswell quote (on the Wiki link):

    "We breakfasted at Cullen. They set down dried haddocks broiled, along with our tea. I ate one; but Dr. Johnson was disgusted by the sight of them, so they were removed."

  4. I have to admit I can't take seriously the name Cullen from Twilight, because cullen skink is what always springs to mind.