Saturday, July 16, 2011


John Gapper lunches with Lee Child for the FT (site registration required; link courtesy of Julia).


  1. I find Child's take on literary fiction amusing, esp. when juxtaposed with "He shot a guy at a thousand yards and the interviewer asked, ‘What did you feel?’ He said, ‘I felt a little recoil against my shoulder.’" I cannot imagine a literary novelist just quoting that and moving on. On the other hand, it might be exactly the level at which one should naturally perceive things in order to write a certain kind of plot.

    I have never read a Lee Child novel, mass-market thrillers are a little outside my circle of interests, but the persona of the interviewee has a great deal of "human interest." And what a strange take on Sir Lancelot!

  2. PS I suppose one sees some of the same flatness in Icelandic sagas...