Thursday, May 24, 2012


My Austen draft is now over the 2000-word mark, which given that I'm shooting for 6000-7500 words should mean (in theory!) that it's roughly a third of the way done.  I think I can get much of the rest written tomorrow: I'll certainly be happier if I can leave for Ottawa with the piece mostly drafted. 

(I may be able to get some more writing done on Saturday, as I'm arriving in the late morning, about twelve hours before B. will get there, and haven't made any plans for the day other than perhaps a notional yoga class if I can get organized for it; on the other hand, my flight leaves so early from Newark airport that I've booked a car to pick me up at 6am, so it may not be realistic to think of later-day productivity given likelihood of little to no sleep.)

I had a two-hour run on the schedule for this morning, but felt too anxious about the unwritten nature of the Austen essay to indulge my conviction that running first thing in the day is the best way to get it done.  Will head out in about twenty minutes and feel quite glad now that I waited, as it has been near-torrentially rainy all day but significantly lightened in last hour.  I like running in the rain, but a two-hour very rainy run is likely to leave one excessively chafed as well as sodden....

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