Saturday, June 15, 2013

The last interview

Stuart Kelly interviews Iain Banks for the Guardian. It is really a super interview, it very much gives the feel of Banks's lively intelligence (a great part of what makes his books so appealing - I am surprised by the way that he says Canal Dreams was probably his worst book, it's one of the ones I particularly love!):
"I'm annoyed I won't get to vote in the referendum. I'm annoyed I won't get to ride an Edinburgh tram and I'm annoyed I won't get to go on the new Fife crossing.

"And," he sighs, "just not seeing so much of the near future. I'd love to see what's going to happen next, what's happening in the oceans of Jupiter's moon, Europa, and what else we'll find out just in our own solar system. And we're not far from being able to analyse the atmospheres of planets around other stars and maybe spotting the signs of life there. There's so much I would have loved to have seen. The positives? I've been lucky in that I've had such a good life. Simple as that. My first 30 years were pretty damn good and the last 30, since I got published, have been absolutely brilliant. I've so many good friends and been part of a wonderful extended family and I'll leave behind a substantial body of work."

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