Thursday, August 04, 2005

Various interesting details

in this Observer piece about famous people's summer reading, so check it out. Here's a sample:

Jonathan Franzen, writer, The Corrections
I've just finished reading the second issue of the new journal n+1 basically cover to cover--something I almost never do with any magazine. I especially enjoyed a novella-length, terrifically funny essay on Isaac Babel and modern Babel scholarship by a woman named Elif Batuman, and a smart, affecting riff on J.M. Coetzee by the smart, affecting young novelist Benjamin Kunkel. Just when you're thinking you're intellectually alone in the world, something like n+1 falls in your hands.

Good blurb there for the n+1 guys--on which note, their website is maybe even better than the journal itself, they've got regular new content of consistently high quality. Check it out if you haven't already. (Link via Bookslut.)

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