Friday, October 17, 2008

The history of meat

Appealing curricular options described in this Times Magazine article by Melissa Fay Greene about a school for autistic teenage boys:
In addition to biology, algebra 2/trigonometry, English literature and U.S. history, there were the electives: Dragon Lore, Comic Books, How to Shop for Bargains and the History of Snack Food. Past electives included All About Pirates, Spy Technology, Ping-Pong, Dog Obedience, Breaking World Records, Unusual Foods and Taking Things Apart. (“I just wish they’d come up with a second-quarter class, Putting the Things Back Together,” Nelson told me.)

“I knew it!” Edwick complained, mashing about on the beanbag chair. He was disappointed because no one picked the elective he’d proposed: the History of Meat.
[ED. Slightly shame-facedly, I admit that that list of topics could sort of be a brief shorthand description of Light Reading! Some things are just interesting, that's the fact of the matter - I added this note when I saw that one of the labels on my last post was "meat"!]

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