Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Thou art translated!"

I do not usually write directly here about work-related matters, though I think I might post later this week on some of the Midsummer Night's Dream adaptations I was teaching last week; but I feel the need to say that the first thing that has truly made me feel like a tenured professor was the move, this past week, from my old office to a very lovely new one!

I thought about waiting to post pictures until I had set the new place up in some beautiful and attractive fashion, then realized (the people who know me in life as opposed to literature will be laughing and rolling their eyes!) that it is entirely possible that things will sit in boxes for quite some time...

The old office (mold, mice and a ventilation and light problem, the consequence of it being the creation of a heedless late-70s renovation with non-opening window and no other means of controlling climate or air flow):

The new office (I am not sure the photo does it justice, but it is rather incomparably nicer than the old one):

The view from the new window (onto what is surely - I am biased! - one of the most beautiful urban college campuses in North America):

The best kind of shelves in the world - empty ones! This is going to help with the ongoing exploding book situation in my apartment:

Miscellaneous light reading around the edges, all very good: Jennie Erdal's Ghosting: A Double Life; Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book; Tana French's In the Woods.


  1. MUCH nicer, no question.

  2. Are you near Marianne's office? The view looks familiar. A beautiful improvement!

  3. Jenny, what a beautiful new office!! The view is wonderful, and the wall of bookshelves enviable ... Congratulations!

  4. Boxes!

    Perhaps you should have a ladder to go with those bookshelves.

    Very nice.

  5. WOW!It is a huge improvement.
    Enjoy Professor Jenny

  6. That's a gorgeous office, and I am extremely jealous about the shelving!

  7. Congratulations Jenny -- I remember the old office, which I think was "new" once apon a time.

  8. Lovely! Those empty shelves (not for long....)

  9. I'll fess up to office jealousy. Mine has no window, curiously manila folder coloured metal walls and a lot of 1970's blue filing cabinets.

    On the upside, I can attach anything I want with magnets anywhere.

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