Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday miscellany

A rainy day in New York...

Andrew explores a delightful index ("Eggs, correct handling of") and links to an old piece by Philip Hensher on the pleasures and perils of indexing (via Marginal Revolution).

Jo Walton on why professional writers have to be particularly careful what they write online about other books

Former student Ellen Bar's film NY Export: Opus Jazz has its PBS premiere this Wednesday at 8pm.

Last and least: publicity! (The picture was taken in the reading room at Butler Library - our main concern was to minimize disruption to sleeping undergraduates...)

(Also on the topic of publicity, it sounds as though I will most likely be signing advance copies of Invisible Things at Book Expo on the afternoon of May 26, and will hope to see some of you there.)

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  1. Thomas Mallon in his essay "The Best Part of Every Book Comes Last"* says that "[t]he most avid readers of indexes are no doubt writers." "William F. Buckley Jr. counted on this when, before sending one of his books to Norman Mailer, he wrote 'Hi, Norman' next to the index entry for 'Mailer, Norman.'"