Sunday, May 09, 2010

Often horizontal

I love this WSJ piece about Lee Child's principles of apartment living! I am much on the same scheme - I would definitely live somewhere like that if it were financially feasible - but of course one needs a cluttered office in order to get anything done... (Link courtesy of Sarah.)

I am moving one baby step closer towards the clutter-free lifestyle myself, as my background activity for these weeks is getting my apartment ready to hand over to subletters in preparation to relocating for some months to Cayman. I have a huge box of books to get rid of - this is more of a Facebook-type question, but my local public library has now set a limit of 10 books for donation (per pop, but I cannot be going over there every day with a little bag of books!) - New Yorkers, where can I easily donate? Preferably somewhere that will come and pick them up, or else that is near to Columbia - a taxi to Housingworks is certainly an option, but I live far away from there...

(The new Jack Reacher novel is due to be published on May 18. If I were a perfectly self-disciplined person, I would pre-order it and save it to read on the flight to Cayman on the 27th - but on the other hand, a free copy may come my way before that, and it seems unlikely that I would be able to resist it for those intervening days - I would definitely have to leave it in the box, it would be all over once I actually had the naked book in my hands!)


  1. I keep books I like, only get rid of books I don't like. I just love the feeling of having thousands of books on shelves in the living room.

    But, in any case, my recommended book donation strategy is to leave them in a pile on campus. I figure that whoever picks them up will enjoy them.

  2. Fascinating; thanks so much for this.