Saturday, May 29, 2010

One better than the devil

"Academics are hedgehogs and I am a fox": Deborah Ross interviews Malcolm Gladwell for the Independent.

Tom Cox plays a round of golf with Judas Priest axman K. K. Downing (FT site registration required).

At the Guardian Review, Nicholas Lezard on the latest installment of David Kynaston's history of Britain in the twentieth century (lots of good snippets there).

Arthur Danto's post at the NYT site the other day tipped me off to the existence of MOMA's Flickr photoset from Marina Abramović's recent show. Jason Grote points me to the fact that one immediately recognizable sitter is Lou Reed!


  1. Glad to know about the Flickr thing! I searched maybe 20 pages, looking for a famous or infamous face (though many faces were fascinating). Where was Lou Reed? The top-hatted gentleman on page 2 caused me to exclaim "by jove, it's Will Ladislaw!"

  2. This link should take you directly to the Lou Reed pic: