Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My favorite animal that I saw in Costa Rica was neither indigenous nor wild. We were sitting at a roadside place eating tipico for lunch and something caught our eye: a little boy walking along the side of the road with the most adorable little black piglet tucked under his arm! The woman he was walking with had another one (each was wrapped in a bandana), and they came over and let us hold them ourselves; NB these were not rustic pigs, they were pigs bred for the pet market, our guide gathered that they cost about $85 each and wouldn't grow to be very large. These little pigs were the cutest things you ever saw! I wanted one desperately...

(There were also any number of appealing dogs wandering around - pets, but untethered pets - dogs of all shapes and sizes, and even a cat or two, including a slightly battle-scarred gray-and-white cat that seemed to live at the Hotel Fonda Vela. Costa Rica is a nation of animal lovers!)

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  1. Ooooh I would imagine Mickey wouldn't be too appreciative of a piglet roomie. What is it about little pigs, anyway? They are adorable.