Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"I don't care too much for money"

Harlan Coben on the muse's voice as annoying whine; how to write a book in two months. Really each of these writers is mostly talking about the particular kind of book he has written...

I picked up several months' worth of mail at the office yesterday; undoubtedly the nicest thing was a copy of Cody James's really staggeringly good little novel The Dead Beat with a warm note from Dan Holloway, its publisher at eight cut galleries press. I read it electronically this summer and loved it; it never hurts to have a 'real' copy as well, this way I can press it into someone else's hands too! A free PDF of the novel is available just now at the press's website (scroll down four or five paragraphs), and here's a link to Mari Juniper's interesting interview with Dan about the press and its mission.

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