Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Roomba/Scooba squadron

A fleet of Roombas.

I've switched to the new Blogger interface; one thing I really like is how it handles labels in a sidebar. Here are the a's, which I think vividly conjure up the Light Reading lifestyle:
"it", -iads, a sense of proportion, A. L. Kennedy, abbreviations, ABCs of the novel, abecedarianism, ablutions, abundant recompense, abuse, academia, accommodations, accomplishment, acronyms, acting, activity levels, Adam Phillips, adaptation, addiction, addled things, adolescence, adulteration, advance notice, advances, adverbs, advertising, aeronautics, Agatha Christie, air safety, airports, Alan Bennett, Alan Hollinghurst, Alan Warner, alarms, Alasdair Gray, alcohol, alcohol abuse, Alexander Pope, Alexander technique, Alfred Jarry, Alfred Nobel, aliases, Alice, Alice Boone, Alison Bechdel, alliteration, allusion, alphabets, altered states, alternate histories, alternate universes, Alzheimer's, Amazon, American punctuation, amphibians, anachronism, anagrams and acrostics, analogies, anatomy, anchovies, Andre Aciman, Andrew Gelman, Andrew O'Hagan, Andrew Solomon, Andy Warhol, anecdotes, animal welfare, animals, animatronics, Anne McCaffrey, annotation, announcements, Antarctica, antediluvianism, Anthony Burgess, Anthony Grafton, Anthony Powell, anthropomorphic cannibalism, anthropomorphism, ants, apartment life, aphorisms, apocalypso, appearances can be misleading, appendages, apps, archaeology, archeology, archery, architecture, archives, Arctic unicorns, armadillos, arms and armor, art, art of the transaction, artificial insemination, artificial kangaroo pouches, astringency, asylums, Athanasius Kircher, Athol Fugard, atomic toys, attention spans, auctions, austerity, authenticity, autism, autobiography, autographs, automata, autopsy, Ayn Rand


  1. How delightfully indexical!!!

  2. I'm strangely intrigued by the fact of your having an Ayn Rand tag...