Thursday, June 28, 2012

Clutter, tethers

"Since this study, I can’t stop enumerating the contents of fridge surfaces."

(I was laughing as I read this: the suggested correlation between number of fridge magnets and total amount of stuff in household struck me as suspect, with the thought in my head being something like "my fridge has a fair number of magnets on it, but I don't have an excessive amount of stuff, especially if you exclude books."  Then I saw the actual picture in the article and flinched with horror - clearly I do not have a lot of magnets on my refrigerator!)

The illustration in the article:
My fridge:
The magnets themselves are a set of Andy Warhol cats my mother gave me, plus a few miscellaneous others; they are holding up gym schedules for Chelsea Piers and local yoga, a postcard a friend sent from Alaska and a snapshot of freesias at an English flower shop sent to me by Becky from Cambridge, a book of stamps and the mammogram referral that is for September and that needs to stay somewhere findable in the meantime.

(I have a fantasy of living in a monastic cell with no stuff!)

I am slightly at the end of my tether after two nights of very poor sleep on the quality/quantity front.  I will do a marathon novel revision session today, at least after I go to the allergist for shots, but I don't think I'm going to make my deadline.  Need to leave for the airport at 5:30am tomorrow and suspect that means I will just stay up all night.  Not feeling very good about this!


  1. Ours looks exactly like the one on top, except less linear. We are hopeless. Though magnets are pretty much the only souvenir we ever buy, which I suppose is a good thing. (Except last time in London, the week before the wedding, we did buy a Will and Kate mug...but only because someone had already given us a dish towel.)

  2. I have 2 fridge magnets, both legacies of a former tenant (subtenant?) - neither is actually affixing anything to the fridge. I am not sure whether there is a correlation to amount of stuff, but what stuff there is, as in your apartment, is mainly books.