Thursday, April 03, 2014


Style book reviewed at Publishers Weekly!

(This semester is now officially kicking my ass - so tired I don't really know what to do with myself! Four more weeks - I think it can be done....)

Celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Columbia University Seminar on Eighteenth-Century European Culture this weekend - I have had no hand organizing it, but will preside over a graduate student panel and weigh in where appropriate.

Too lazy to log full list of light reading (I had a pile of YA paperbacks that I picked up the last time I visited the Bank Street Bookstore, have just ploughed through them due to dearth of mental attention for anything more challenging), but I did read and love two short books over the weekend, both highly recommended: Jenny Offil's Dept. of Speculation (good interview here) and Teju Cole's Every Day is For the Thief.

Teaching Emile tomorrow. It is a very strange book. To my chagrin, the edition I taught it from last time is out of print, and I haven't been able to lay hands on my own old copy - teachers know that this means my quite reasonable set of teaching notes is now virtually useless! Rectification of page numbers (and it is a different translation, too, alas - I was marking stuff with post-its as I reread in this edition, but it's going to be a pain trying to reconcile things) will have to wait until tomorrow, though. I got nothin'!

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