Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Dynamite No. 1

In recent months I've become addicted to reading literary blogs. I've also become addicted to coffee, after quitting smoking last August and realizing that I then spent every morning taking hours to wake up and drinking as many as five or six mugs of tea. My friend A. claims that scientific studies show that nicotine exaggerates the power of caffeine. If this isn't true, it should be. I never used to drink coffee, but I always smoked lots of cigarettes. Now I drink lots of coffee and pine for the old days.

I've been on sabbatical this year from my teaching job. I've used the time to get a new academic book underway, as well as to write a new novel, now almost finished. I'm going to use this site to chronicle the path from finding a publisher for it all the way to actual publication and beyond. As an inveterate advice-giver, I intend to include various helpful tips for would-be novelists, as well as accounts of all the funny and/or harrowing things that happen along the way.

But before any of this can happen, I've got to finish writing the book.

More to follow...

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  1. hi. I read "Heredity" in Turkish and I loved it. I was willing to write a review about it. I found your blog and couldn't stop writing to you. The book was wonderful and I'm looking forward to reading your new book. Thank you.