Sunday, August 29, 2004

Since my last post seems to have vanished...

Don't know what happened--it has gone to the same place as my mysterious missing Discworld post of late July--anyway I've finished Jonathan Strange and it completely lives up to the hype. Won't say more since I'm reviewing it. But I loved it.

SABBATICAL IS OVER! However I had a realization on Thursday afternoon (at my office--mold infestation now cleaned out, huge dehumidifer chugging away, surrounded by curly-because-of-damp stacks of xeroxes awaiting compilation into my fall-semester course packs) that I was going to be very unhappy so long as I still thought I should be writing all day every day, but that it's all actually pretty fun if you can just get your head around it. I was SO EXCITED when I started grad school, it was ridiculous; but in general, I was always so bored by the end of August that I couldn't wait for school to start. Going and buying new notebooks and pencils and things; a new back-to-school haircut (I've just made an appointment for Tuesday, I was agonizing about whether to grow my hair out to its natural color & mid-shoulder length that's my default do, but no--I am keeping up the color & just venturing out into a slightly different short haircut, more like a bob...); the new books for new classes; all that good stuff. So I am now in the mood to welcome the new graduate students & generally get back into the school thing.

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