Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I feel that I am channeling the ladies of Cupcake!

Just idly checked the Amazon editors' picks for top ten books in Literature & Fiction. Nine of the ten are by white men! (The other is Marilynne Robinson's.) I've read two out of the ten only (Philip Roth and Jonathan Ames), and they're certainly both very good. But it's the pattern of taste that emerges--it's the list you pick if you're a certain kind of guy in your late twenties to mid thirties--what about all the great books by women published this year? What about major books by various writers who might be defined as people of color? I'm not saying it has to be equal representation. I'm saying that this list shows a terribly restricted kind of literary taste. (It's pretty "literary," too, in a way I don't much like.) Cupcake has its work cut out for it....


  1. And there are *no* female writers in the mystery/thriller category. WTF?

  2. That is truly demented! I hadn't even checked that one. This amounts to bizarre rather than scandalous--I hope one of those guys is sheepishly scratching his head right now & resolving to watch out for this...