Friday, June 03, 2005

One more Phil Rickman novel,

they're definitely super-addictive: Prayer Of The Night Shepherd. Very good. Now I must get the earlier ones in this series (they're already in the shopping cart...) and then wait for the brand new one to come out: I'm afraid it won't be released until November, very annoying.

Went to a couple of Book Expo parties this evening, the Litblog Coop one at the Slipper Room (very nice, huge turnout, only flawed by the fact of no nametags! So I am assured that many of my favorite litbloggers were in the room, including some I've corresponded with by e-mail, only I have no idea who they were and didn't get to meet them in person) and the Soft Skull one at the Bowery Poetry Club. Lauren Cerand says come to see Stephen Elliott and Dallas Hudgens read on Thursday, June 9 at Lolita on Broome Street; more details if you follow the link. I think it will be really good.

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  1. Yeah, I didn't get there till almost 8:30. I will hope to see you soon, though!