Monday, September 26, 2005

Oh and if you have a thing

for literary criticism, do take a look at the third issue of the Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism (CJLC), now online. This is an undergraduate journal of literary criticism, founded three years ago & definitely thriving (I was the faculty advisor in its first year & then again in 2004-2005); you will need to download the entire issue as a PDF file, but there's lots there worth a look, including short essays in memory of Derrida by a number of my Columbia colleagues and also (my favorite, I'm admittedly biased though since I have known its author ever since he was a student in my Literature Humanities section in fall 2001) a spectacular essay by Ramsey McGlazer called "Primo Levi's Language Lesson."

(Thanks to Gautam Hans for getting the issue online and sending me the link.)

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