Sunday, November 27, 2005

An interesting article

defining urban fantasy, a genre (or perhaps mode is a more useful term) I've long been obsessed with. (Link via Miss Snark. And if you are a writer in the early stages of your career and have not yet read her blog, do check it out--the archives are a mine of useful information about how to write the best book possible, secure an agent to represent you, etc. etc.)

(Talking of urban fantasy, I read Kelley Armstrong's Stolen last night. It was very disappointing. I expect I will continue to read her books, she's an extremely good writer as these things go--smart, funny, likeable first-person voices etc.--and it's a type of book I really enjoy but she lost me here with the, you know, secret compound run by the megalomaniac billionnaire who was kidnapping Supernatural Creatures and subjecting them to Nazi-doctor-type experiments to learn their secrets and turn himself into some sort of super-powered creature. Also all the witch and demon stuff is sillier than the werewolves by themselves. It all turns into a goofy and wildly implausible prison-break story. Not so good.)

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