Tuesday, December 13, 2005

An interesting list

of underrated writers at Syntax of Things (Thanks to Gwenda for the link.)

I heartily endorse the names on the list whose books I know well--I've been reading Poppy Z. Brite and Pete Dexter with great pleasure for years, and I also highly recommend the fiction of Tayari Jones, Paul Park and Geoff Ryman. Of course some of these hardly seem underrated (well, perhaps it's because I'm from Philadelphia, but surely Pete Dexter is incredibly well known?!? My favorite two of his books are "Brotherly Love" and "God's Pocket"); and while I very much like what I've read of Michel Houllebecq and Ryszard Kapuscinski, for instance, I definitely think they both get their share of critical and readerly attention. I am happy to see a few fellow Soft Skull authors make the list (Lydia Millet and Maggie Dubris, both of whom I've got in the TBR pile).

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