Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A gingerbread slum

At the Guardian, reflections on holiday baking by Augusten Burroughs, Lionel Shriver and Kate Mosse.

Posting will continue light the rest of this week (also, there's little good books stuff online during the holidays, most annoying!), but I'll definitely do some kind of a "light reading in 2008" roundup this weekend--rather swimming-oriented this year I foresee...

This month I have had some funny miscellaneous holiday entertainment of one kind or another. The Moscow Cats Theatre on Sunday, which is basically my favorite thing ever (go and watch one of those YouTube videos, they really capture the flavor!); the Cirque de Soleil Wintuk show, courtesy of a generous student (the storyline and music stuff were not to my taste, but there were some spectacular acrobatics in the second half, those gymnasts are extraordinary--I would like to see one of the all-on circus-type shows, I have never been to one); a novel here and there of course (Steve Hamilton's latest, which I did not think quite up to the admittedly high standard of the earlier ones in the series, and Julie Kenner's Demons Are Forever, which I bought this weekend when the light reading fit fell hard upon me and devoured--great voice, great premise, altogether extremely enjoyable); what else? Oh, yes, Michael Clayton, which I thought was extremely good. It's appropriately titled, it's a real character study as well as a thriller; also it's the movie to see with a friend regretful about not having chosen a career in corporate law...


  1. I didn't realize there was a new Cirque traveling show. I, too, have never found their storytelling very interesting, but the acrobatics are so unbelievably good that I don't care a bit. We're heading to Vegas for a wedding soon and I'm sad that we're missing the Cirque show, the only thing in Vegas I've been interested in seeing since Sinatra hung 'em up.