Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crack indexing

Progress round here, of an archeological sort (I have not used thousands of index cards, I have just gone crazy with the post-it notes - the colors in this case have no significance, it was just that I needed a large number of 'em!): it's all loosely alphabetized, and now I'll start going through letter by letter and typing everything up into a coherent index...

Close-up view:

Bonus: Enid Stubin describes her time working for the best indexing service in New York City. (Link courtesy of Dave Lull.)


  1. How exactly does one index a book? I've always assumed my idea of how it's done must be correct but it seems like a daunting task and these photographs seem to confirm it just IS a daunting task. GOOD LUCK!
    (The first photograph reminds me of a school project in a very pleasant kind of way, the colors, the craziness.)

  2. This would make a great desktop pattern!

  3. Not that your method doesn't look amazing (and, despite the eye-popping aspect, presumably functional), but maybe you need this?

    As a lover of indexes, I've always thought that I'd enjoy making one. But you're forcing me to reconsider.

  4. it just occurred to me--indexing must be a lot like tagging. . . just maybe not so fun?

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  6. The link to the Enid Stubin's piece is broken. Also, you have spam in the comment above.

  7. Aha, it moved!