Sunday, February 01, 2009


After some pencil frustration abroad, I got two excellent pencils at the local stationery store in mid-January and have superstitiously clung to them, sharpening them frequently with a tiny children's pencil sharpener - but now I have written them down into stubs! I thought they would just about do me for this book, but I have a few more days' worth of story left to tell, so I took the plunge this morning and bought a new pair...

When I was little, I was often writing with a very short stubby pencil - I like the feel and look of a very soft dark pencil [ED. And stubbiness is the price one pays for this preference!].

More generally, in adulthood, I prefer to write with something whose physical substance can be strikingly perceived as it transfers from the writing implement to the page: the Gelly Roll pens are very good, they leave a lovely thick glistening three-dimensional trail like a snail's!


  1. Gelly Rolls are great, and the spelling is good, too.

    You need to get yourself a box of GOLF PENCILS!

  2. Despite their very charming name, golf pencils in my experience only come in HB - hard, light, unsatisfactory!

  3. Thank god, someone else who thinks about this stuff!

    I must score baseball games in pencil, and for me, the Mirado Black Warrior is the way to go.

    For pens, you can't go wrong with the Fisher Space Pen-a nice, black line that doesn't smudge!