Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am in a non-wireless location on holiday - posting will be very light for next week or so! I hit the airport bookstore for some lighter-than-light light reading en route out of town (anything of that ilk that comes into the apartment gets read immediately, so there is not usually anything quite right to hand for when I travel): Jennifer Weiner's Certain Girls (very good, only with the minor flaw that the voices of the 40-something mother and 13-year-old daughter are strangely indistinguishable!); Charlaine Harris's From Dead to Worse (these books are quite delightful).

Tomorrow: a very warm triathlon!


  1. Oh no, I couldn't bear Certain Girls!! I had never read her, and people I know have very strong pro/con opinions, and it was in the middle of my mid-winter chick lit bout (which you actually inspired with The Sleeping Beauty Proposal). Unfortunately I can't remember why I didn't like it (I really read quite a lot of similar books very quickly with only minor satisfaction and don't remember much of any).