Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bottom's dream

About the play, the less said the better, but we certainly had a very good dinner afterwards at Bottega del Vino. It inadvertently (though not randomly, because clearly I am very fond of cheese) turned into the Delicious Dinner of Cheese - I had beef carpaccio (arugola, parmesan) to start, then another appetizer (a daily special of roasted peppers stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies and served on a bed of julienned baby vegetables and greens) and then what is pretty certainly the most delicious tiramisu I ever had in my life (mascarpone)...

(It is a silly question, but I have a habit of asking the waiter what is the most delicious dessert - sometimes they hem and haw, but in this case the fellow was very certain that it was the tiramisu, and I feel sure he was correct!)

Random light reading round the edges (and I am finally as of today back on what I consider a really proper work-productivity schedule, so though I will need to make every day count, I feel slightly calmer about the prospect of making my end-of-month novel-revision deadline): Minette Walters' The Chameleon's Shadow, S. J. Rozan's In This Rain, Laura Lippman's To the Power of Three, Tess Gerritsen's The Keepsake (in case it is not clear, I hit the so-called "new books" shelf at the public library - it is not a well-stocked branch, but so long as I don't go there too often, I am able to pluck hardcover crime fiction happily from the shelf), Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers, Monica Seles' Getting a Grip. (The last is very good, by the way, whether or not you have a serious interest in tennis.)

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