Monday, August 03, 2009


Darryl Pinckney has an interesting piece in the Independent on Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and his arrest.

[ED. The article incorrectly suggests that the caller mentioned the race of the two men on the porch; here's a Globe story that describes the content of the 911 call more accurately and explains that the police report doesn't distinguish between the caller's words and the summary produced by the officer on the scene. Copious further comment via Google, and thanks to Brent for the correction.]

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  1. Darryl Pinckney wrote:
    Someone passing by called the police and reported two black men with backpacks who looked like they were trying to break in someone's front door.

    Tape of call to police was released last week and call was not as Pinckney described. Caller did not use racial description until requested by operator, and then only identified one of the men as Hispanic in appearance.

    An article devoted to racial profiling in a prestigious publication ought to do better than to casually and falsely assert an incident (the phone call) of racial profiling when the contrary evidence has been covered in the U.S. national media. Caller claims to have taken much heat over the falsely asserted racial profiling by her.