Sunday, January 17, 2010

January ploys

Grand Cayman has a truly excellent bookstore called Books & Books, but prices are high and it is simply not an acceptable way to replenish the light reading supply. Yesterday I set foot for the first time in a most amazing alternative, the Cayman Humane Society "Book Loft". It is a collection of books almost perfectly tailored to my light reading needs, as it is overwhelmingly books people have brought here on holiday and not wanted to take away with them again, with a strong British-Canadian-Australian bent rather than centrally USian so that there are lots of things I have not already picked up in US airport bookstores.

This is the first haul, but I am very certain the place will be the source of a good ongoing flow of light reading:

Meanwhile when I get back to New York a week from now I have some massive library-book-returning and office-unpacking to do - I have this awful situation in my office in which I never unpacked when I first moved in last year, it has become in my mind a task of monumental proportions, but I am just going to buy a box of contractor-strength trash bags and go in and ruthlessly purge....

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  1. I've read three of your choices and they're all pretty good. The Dorothy Dunnett books are fun historical fiction, but later in the series (in both the Niccolo and the Lymond series) things get a little repetetive, and frankly boring. But the beginning is great.

    The Swarm is fun too. It's like The Birds in the ocean, but with an explanation...I guess that makes it nothing like The Birds at all.

    The Polished Hoe is definitely the most substantial of the three. Clarke has an interesting style and plays with time in intriguing ways. This, more than the other two, is more like something I'd come across in a class at Columbia.