Monday, February 08, 2010


For a few weeks in January, I was almost certain that for the first time since c. 1996 or so I was only going to be working on one book this year.

Alas, it does not seem temperamentally feasible - the bread and butter of the novel book is an ambitious project that must be executed thoughtfully and slowly over the process of a few years, it will need to be complemented by a little book that I (no doubt wildly unrealistically) feel I might be able to dash off in a matter of weeks - a little book on style in which I pretty much just write exactly what I taught in my lecture class this fall!

I would like to get it out there more widely, that is the thing, it is the fruit of much reading and many years of thought on the matter of sentences and voice in the novel, it is a pity not to transform it into something that will sit on bookshelves here and there...


  1. I'm biased, but think about Norton for the little style book, they are always looking for trade projects that can cross-list as supplements or package with the textbooks and both trade and college can carry. So they might see it as bigger than a straight trade press would.

    And they've been trying to ramp up a rhetoric and composition list to complement the anthologies recently, there's a dedicated rhetoric/composition team in the college department that could probably provide some marketing, if not editorial, backing, for such a project.

  2. Please do! Write the style book, that is.