Friday, September 03, 2010

Light reading catch-up

It was a better haul again at the Humane Society Book Loft - I think the crucial thing (it is like visiting a small public library branch) is leaving enough time between visits for the stock to replenish itself...

Light reading of inconsequence: Laura Lippman's The Last Place, which I read a number of years ago but was very happy to read again; Stephen Booth's Dancing with the Virgins, an early one I think I must have missed in a series I have otherwise enjoyed; Louise Bagshawe's The Devil You Know, formulaic and in a genre of light reading that is not my favorite but really highly enjoyable, and paying appealing homage to Judith Krantz and Jilly Cooper.

Got a long day of travels tomorrow, and a stack of five more paperbacks from the Humane Society to tide me over - but I am still thinking I might spy a copy of the new Jonathan Franzen novel in a bookstore en route and snap it up!

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