Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Closing tabs

My eyes are almost completely better (those drops are a miracle cure!), but my lung ailment is lasting forever - it's making me very worried about whether I'll be better in time for my race on the 26th. All I can do, though, is lounge around and try and mend and hope for the best...

(Also I dug the little humidifier out of the closet and plugged it in, and purchased some new high-powered extra-strength Mucinex.)

Sat down with the Bacchae on Morningside Heights manuscript this morning and made a good start on editing; I am excited!

(I decided to switch the planned order and revise this one first and the style book second. This is the more interesting and ambitious revision - i.e. I guess much more work remains to be done - and I decided to give in to the impulse to treat myself with the interesting one first...)

I think it will take me three or four days to go through and do a decent copy-edit on the whole thing; in the meantime I'm making a list of places where new scenes need to be inserted to do more work of plot and character development. I want it to have more of a real thriller structure, so that's the main project; but first I'll clean up the prose that I have, type up corrections and then work with a clean version as I start in on the new writing.

Meanwhile, closing some tabs:

Synesthesia and swimming! (Courtesy of Brent, as is the next link also.)

Ways British usage tends to be misunderstood.

""You wouldn't think to read the pack because it looks so much like cookies"!

Good ones all over, but I especially enjoyed this obituary of Patrick Leigh Fermor by Artemis Cooper for the Independent.

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  1. Oh, i hope you get better soon!

    You have no idea how much i admire you, for writing books. It exactly what i want to do when I am older! :)