Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Loaves Conference Room, Layer Cake Area

Genius piece by Leon Neyfakh at Slate on visiting the Pepperidge Farm Cookie Factory!

(I have a mild obsession with that brand dating back to childhood, when my father worked for a spell at a company located near to the Pepperidge Farm outlet store. This was in the days before outlet stores were common, and the bags of stuff he brought home now and again from Pepperidge Farm were truly otherworldly - we had homemade treats at home, but as you know if you grew up on delicious homemade treats, nothing is as exciting as store-bought! Layer cakes with one corner slightly mangled, deficient crescent rolls, one-gallon cartons of goldfish; I always give a longing look to the Pepperidge Farm cakes in the freezer section at the supermarket, though I do not think my adult self would find them so delicious, and I still get a bag of Gingermen or Bordeaux cookies now and again.)

[ED. Alice has reminded me that it was the Pepperidge farm "thrift store"! Nomenclature is important.]

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  1. We live near the Haribo (Gummibaeren!) thrift/outlet shop - a must for all our visitors once they hear about it. One visiting teen from the UK would have been willing to discard all her clothes in order to get more goodies into her suitcase ...