Thursday, June 12, 2014


Just a taste, to whet the appetite (I am hungry to be back at the library so that I can check out a huge pile of books about biblical criticism), from the Theological-Political Treatise:
Possibly someone will say that I am completely undermining Scripture by my manner of proceeding, since it may lead everyone to suspect that the Bible is everywhere full of mistakes. But on the contrary, I have shown that my methodology works in favour of Scripture by preventing passages which are clear and pure from being corrupted to fit defective passages and simply because some passages are defective, we are not justified in placing every passage under suspicion. There has never ever been a book without mistakes: has anyone (I ask) therefore ever supposed that they were defective throughout? Of course not, especially when the expression is lucid and the meaning of the author is clearly evident.

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  1. I feel that your perspective is deep and everything is pretty good given the perceptions and opinions logic together. What you can do