Friday, August 08, 2014

The thrill

of opening a new folder on my computer for a fresh book project, creating new files and typing up 2500 words in the first day's production of quota!

Working in this ad hoc fashion is going to lead to a huge and chaotic draft, I'm afraid, but I want to get a proper start on this now so as to maximize the chance that I will be able to write some pages every week in the spring semester as I am teaching Clarissa.

Why, oh why is August already so far underway?!?

I have two more full weeks in Cayman, plus a weekend and a few days of a subsequent week, twenty-two days all told: if twenty of those days involve the successful production of quota, it is possible that I could have a partial draft of 40-50K by the time I go back to New York, even if it's mostly going to have to be cut and rewritten later on - but I just don't feel right without a book in progress!

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