Thursday, August 21, 2008


Implausible headline - a little too self-conscious to be really funny, perhaps. Interesting style-sheet choices, though; it would make a good sentence on a copy-editing test. Also, animals should be given more dignified names....


  1. I have it on high authority that if you can get a hood onto an emu's head even wild emus become very docile. (But the hooding is often a dangerous operation!)

  2. I'm not wild about that headline either, though I did feel better about it after I found out that "Plop-Plop" was the poor critter's name. At first I thought that the Associated Press had hired somebody from Mad magazine to supply their headlines with appropriate sound effects.

    As for the story itself, I'll just say that I find it easier to relate to the idea of going "a little crazy" when the cops show up at your door than the concept of tasering an animal so it doesn't hurt itself.