Sunday, March 01, 2009


It will have to rank in the lists of life's missed opportunities, but I have had a most wonderful shelf full of library books on Antarctica and have had no time to read 'em and/or blog about 'em!

I do not think I will have any spare time to speak of between now and my departure on Tuesday evening, but I thought that I would at least single out one of the most utterly lovely for your enjoyment.

It is The Antarctic Manual for the Use of the Expedition of 1901, and it actually has maps folded into a pocket at the back...

Heading: "Antarctic Ocean. Sheet No. 2. Between Latitudes 45ºS. & 85ºS. and Longitudes 25ºW. & 160ºE. Shewing Tracks of Explorers."

The relevant detail is scanned below (the explorer whose tracks are marked - + - + is Bellingshausen - we are running our marathon early next week on King George Island):

And now, a more strictly verbal treat - ice nomenclature!

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  1. I thought of you and your expedition this morning as I ran the mere 3/4 mile to the grocery in snow and absurdly biting wind. There were no penguins to console me, though--perhaps that will make all the difference?

    Best of luck! Dress warm!