Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A teemingness of rubrics

I cannot explain this, but it is somehow funny and apt...


  1. Wow. I see what you mean: is it charming despite its inexplicability, or charming because of its inexplicability? It reminds me of the glories offered by the wildest reaches of the Fafblog!, the world's only source for Fafblog!

    But hear, hear: any time you plump for The Fountain Overflows, one of the best novels ever, the world is a better place. And that's all without mentioning the Mysterious Stranger!

    {Was that inexplicable enough to be an appropriate comment on that post?}

  2. I'm a little freaked out by how you jumped in with both feet when asked to name an all-time favorite book. Now I'm thinking about how you'd play the scene in the train station in "Sophie's Choice": "Oh, that's easy! Help yourself to the one with the overbite."