Friday, April 02, 2010

Eggs, eggs, eggs

The egg countdown begins...

(I am not so full of links this year as I was last year!)

At the Telegraph, lemur with Easter egg.

Spring treats from Bouchon Bakery (via Wendy, who was also kind enough to get me a Laura Secord egg - this year's was chocolate fudge covered with pecans and caramel...)

Unemployment gave Dominique Browning an obsession with eggs!

Chocolate eggs from Napoleon's kitchen.

The Independent's ten best Easter treats.

In other news, I have thus far entirely failed to obtain a hot cross bun - they seem nowhere to be found! I glimpsed an array of them through the window of a Pain Quotidien, but it was not the moment for pastry, and I have not laid eyes on another one since, not even the slightly disgusting ones that usually come in boxes of six at the supermarket. I have only a short window in which to get one, or it is all over until next year!


  1. What a lovely post. i am sorry to read of the hot cross bun situation. i have just read and reviewed "Among the bohemians - experiments in living 1900 to 1939" by Virginia Nicholson and discovered that the boiled egg was a mainstay of the bohemian diet in this period!

    Great post, thanks for sharing

  2. I've just eaten the last of my Sainsbury six-pack - disgusting or not, I enjoyed every mouthful! Nostalgia food is like nostalgia reading, not to be judged with adult sensibilities.