Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The sigh of relief

I started writing the little book on style the last week in February in the grip of a delusion that it might only take me about three weeks; it is based on lectures I wrote (two a week) over the fall semester, and in another sense it's based on a lifetime of reading, so that I felt the hard part was already behind me.

In fact it took longer than three weeks, more like seven, but I have just sent the full manuscript to my agent: it is just under 40,000 words, about a hundred and fifty pages, with a grand total of 31 footnotes.

I really like this little book!

Now it is just a question of waiting to see what happens next, which is not really my forte, but I can get started in the meantime on the ABCs of the novel (formerly known as bread-and-butter of the novel) and also have some seriously grand triathlon training (I'm doing a half-ironman in May and - amazingly - my first full Ironman race in Wisconsin in September).

(It is so crazy, really I am on a mission to stop doing things so much as if under a compulsion, but I feel that by getting this little book done relatively early during my year of sabbatical I have bought myself a bit more breathing space than I usually have - it would be good, though, if I could write most of the other book this year too - I do not know why it should be so much so that I only feel OK when I am madly writing, planning, training, racing, but it is certainly strongly the case...)


  1. you are an inspiration to all of us fellow compulsively busy insomniac mustbeproductiveorfailatlife academics! I miss you!

  2. Wow. You are amazing. Not deleting this one. (Sam is comforting me by reminding me of the difference in our domestic circumstances, though really that is just an excuse.)

  3. Wow, Jenny! That's amazing and such great news! It's also very inspiring to yours truly as I try to reach the finish of this dissertation. CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. This is astounding. I wish I were wired more like you. (Maybe I just need some jumper cables?) Good luck with all the writing and training!

  5. you have a mania-variant maybe? I don't mean that in a bad way at all. I wish I had it. Or maybe you are just productive and efficient? generative. enviable!