Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wish lists

I am very late linking to this - I think the event might be coming to an end tomorrow? - but I wanted to draw your attention to a really wonderful project organized by Colleen Mondor. She has set up a program to buy books for two schools on Native American reservations (one Navajo, one Apache) whose kids really don't have any of the reading material available to them that we take for granted, including often only a very haphazard school collection. Here are more details - you can click through to each school's wish list at Powell's and make a purchase, if you are so inclined. (The lists have been really thoughtfully put together in terms of the fit with the kids' tastes and interests.)

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  1. Thanks Jenny! I'm leaving the lists up through the weekend and there are still books to buy, so this mention is much appreciated.