Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday miscellany

At the Guardian, Paul Theroux on living as an alien in England from 1971 to 1990:
Wank was a new word for me. I learned others in those years: pantechnicon, pastilles, salopettes, anorak, ginger wine, trifle, syllabub, riddling (the coal grate), gaiters, trug, secateurs, borstal, Boche, Gorbals, yobbos, scotia (a sort of household trim), valance, shandy, sent to Coventry, applied for the Chiltern Hundreds, chicane (as of a set of racing cars), gauntlets, whitebait, infra dig, subfusc, knackers, Christmas crackers, Dutch courage, Dutch cap, double Dutch, Screaming Lord Sutch.
'Dado' should surely be on this list also!

Other links: the Penguin archive, with every Penguin ever published in chronological order; an interview with Kristin Hersh (courtesy of Julie Park).

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