Sunday, April 07, 2013

A three-year phenomenon

A highlight for me from the eighteenth-century studies conference was this bit from Anne Stevens' talk about microgenres, the "Thinks-I-To-Myself" novel:
1811 Edward Nares, Think’s-I-to-Myself. A Serio-ludicro, Tragico-comico Tale, Written by Think’s-I-to-Myself.
1812 I’ll Consider of It! A Tale, in Three Volumes, in Which Thinks I to Myself is Partially Considered.
1812 Barbara Hofland, Says She to Her Neighbour, What? By an Old-Fashioned Englishman.
1812 Edward Nares, I Says, Says I; a Novel. By Thinks-I-to-Myself.
1813 It Was Me, a Tale, by Me, Who Cares for Nothing or Nobody
1813 She Thinks For Herself.

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  1. That is the coolest! What are they? What did she say about them?