Sunday, April 21, 2013


Trying to gear up for a run - have already curtailed notion of a long one, now just need to get myself out the door for something. Residual fatigue is an obstacle, and hay fever season is upon us; also, not as warm as one might think in April - but really all this just means that I am still very tired!

Miscellaneous linkage:

E. L. Konigsburg has died. I loved so many of her books so much, including the iconic Mixed-Up Files, but I think my two absolute favorites must have always been A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver (what an amazing title aside from everything else - though as someone who has recently felt a bit scathed by 1-star Amazon reviews, I feel slightly relieved to see the vitriol being spilled on this lovely book and its title!) and Father's Arcane Daughter, which I am sorry to see has been retitled My Father's Daughter in the reissue - one of the things I loved as a child about Konigsburg's books was that they made no concessions to imagined notions of children's vocabularies!

At the Guardian: Sebald on Rousseau, Wood/Sinclair/Macfarlane/Self on Sebald.

This is uncanny. (Via Charles. Whole site is very compelling.)

Best thing I saw on the internet this week. (Courtesy of my dad.)

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  1. I still remember looking up "arcane" in the dictionary when I picked up the book for the first story. What I think I like most about her books is that they're all a bit melancholic and address real issues that kids go through without being depressing or talking down to readers. I love the one about the two girls who pretend to be the witches from Macbeth, too, and "The View from Saturday."