Thursday, June 10, 2004

Dinner vs. play

Last night I saw a play that I think now tops my list of "worst things ever seen," a production of Shakespeare's Richard III that reached new heights of senseless-verse-recitation-by-actors-sounding-like-they-didn't-understand-a-word-of-it plus campy and distracting staging of the we're-dressed-like-punk-rockers-and-snorting-coke-because-we-really-think-Shakespeare-is-stupid-but-want-the-cultural-cachet. I won't give further details because the performers should be ashamed enough of themselves as it is. We left at the intermission, but that meant we'd already suffered through two hours of the damn thing. It really beggars description. I can't even imagine what audience members previously unacquainted with the play must have thought was going on.

However, beforehand we'd had a really excellent dinner at Mad 28, which I recommend highly. Also, the air-conditioning at the theater was on full blast. So it could have been much worse.

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