Friday, September 17, 2004

Book cover

Just checked Amazon UK and found what I hope will be the final cover for the UK edition of Heredity. I saw a lot of different ones--I liked them all, in different ways, but it was amazing what a wide range they included. There was a rather lovely Bridget-Jones-in-a-good-way one, with just the face of a depressed-looking girl; there was a slightly surreal department-store-mannequin-clone one in black and white; there were a set of three that responded to a certain book chain's interest/request for emphasis on the historical-crime thing by having Jack-the-Ripper-type dark alley and shady figures and London maps. If I was higher-tech, I'd paste these all in, but it's basically beyond me, and some I only saw in hard copy. Pretty exciting, though... I'm going to e-mail the folks at Serpent's Tail and see what's going on, if anything.

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