Monday, September 20, 2004

The worst thing I've heard all day

Well, it's almost certainly not, but words can't express my horror at this revelation from a piece on fund-raising in The Chronicle of Higher Education.. Says Mark Drozdowski, writing about the reports university fund-raisers write after talking to potential donors, "I've written my fair share of call reports, and have seen plenty more. Along with relaying the facts of the meeting (such as the date and the nature of the visit), the reports feature fund raisers' interpretations and recommendations. We might comment on a person's home, noting items that imply affluence. We might convey bits of conversation that we feel give insight into someone's capacity to give. We might suggest strategies such as invitations to certain campus events or membership on some committee. Or we might outline a solicitation plan involving key members of the administration. "

Items that imply affluence?!? BITS OF CONVERSATION?!?!?

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