Thursday, January 05, 2006

'Good' writing about 'bad' behavior

So it turns out that Allan Gurganus's introduction to Heather Lewis's last novel, "Terror, Eros and Animal: The Fiction of Heather Lewis," is available online (and well worth a look, I have just read it with huge interest) at ReadySteadyBook - a literary site; many thanks to Mark Thwaite for the link.

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  1. Yes, do check out Lewis, I think you'll really, really like her stuff. I pretty much love transgressive fiction, not Kathy Acker but I ADORE "The Wasp Factory" (and Iain Banks in general--did you read "Complicity," BTW? that's the closest to a conventional crime novel, and it's great). Jenny Diski's novel might also be to your taste, it's not a crime novel per se but it's got all the virtues of the best noir fiction.